DEF Equipment Program
Equipment Options:
  • Top and Side Disipensing Systems for 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon and 330-gallon toes
  • Mini Bulk Systems
  • Bulk Systems to handle full truck loads

Equipment Support Program

The DEF Equipment Program offers an extensive installation service and maintenance network to support the needs of our customers.

Dispensing-Ensuring DEF Purity

Micro Matic’s proprietary tamper-evident Container Valve System is standar on all DEF drum, tote and bulk containers.
  • Avoid product contamination
  • Eliminate spillage
  • Protect your investment

Maintaining diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) purity and concentration is vital to the efficient and long-term operation of the SCR system. Product impurities can detrimentally affect the SCR system’s performance leading to premature catalyst deactivation and clogging of the system injector nozzles. Further more, maintaining the correct product concentration is critical to ensure the vehicle meets EPA 2010 emissions requirements.

Blue DEF is an API certified DEF that meets ISO Standard 22241 for purity and concentration, thereby ensuring optimum SCR performance.

Furthermore, traditional lubricant equipment should not be used to dispense DEF fluid as it may be made of components, metals and seals that are not compatible with DEF and can be detrimental to product quality.

DEF dispensing equipment was specifically designed to ensure full compatibility with DEF. All of our equipment has been field tested and proven in Europe, where SCR technology and the integral role DEF plays, has been used since 2006.