Automotive Oil Benefits

We offer premium engine oils, greases, and top-quality biodegradable lubricants.

Rhinehart Oil services car dealers, quick lubes, and independent repair shops with oil, antifreeze, window wash, flush chemicals, cleaning supplies, cleaning chemicals, filters, wiper blades, and much more!
Rhinehart Oil is the exclusive O.E.M. supplier for GM ACDelco, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, SAAB, Porsche, Lexus, Bentley and KIA.

On Highway

Whether it be short haul or long haul, we are able to meet the ever-changing demands of the engine manufacturers’ with API- and ILSAC-approved lubricants. Our lineup includes engine oils, transmission oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, biodegradable hydraulic oils, synthetic oils, greases, synthetic greases, antifreezes, fuel additives and oil-analysis programs, extended-drain programs, fuel and more.
With the advent of higher-performing engines and transmissions, we would suggest a ‘lubrication checkup’ with one of our experienced lubrication experts.

Off Highway

We know that off-highway equipment often operates in the most severe conditions. We are able to meet those conditions with quality lubricants from ExxonMobil. Our lineup includes engine oils, transmission oils, planetary oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, biodegradable hydraulic oils, synthetic oils, greases, synthetic greases, extended life antifreezes, fuel additives, oil analysis programs, extended drain programs, fuel and more.

Off-Highway operators experience conditions that accelerate wear and shorten life cycles. The prudent use of highly-performing lubricants can help owners capture measurable returns on investment. Let our experts work with you to identify and help you execute a program to improve the bottom line.


Rhinehart Oil can meet the needs of small, medium or large manufacturing businesses with quality industrial lubricants and metalworking fluids from ExxonMobil and Houghton. Our lineup includes way oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, biodegradable hydraulic oils, compressor oils, natural gas engine oils, fire resistance oils, metalworking oils, metal working coolants, spindle oils, synthetic oils, greases, propylene and ethylene glycols, refrigeration oils, heat transfer oils and oil analysis programs.

Our experienced sales staff will work with you to help determine which products suit your needs and design maintenance programs to ensure your equipment operates at maximum efficiency.

Gas Patch

Rhinehart Oil can meet any fuel and oil-related demands in the gas and oil patch. We understand how critical and costly downtime can be for your business. We carry a full line of Mobil products to take care of any of your lubricating needs. Our lineup includes natural gas engine oil, diesel and gasoline engine oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil, grease, antifreeze, methanol, TEG, EG and more. We can accommodate any fuel request, no matter how large, or small. In addition, we can supply you with any equipment necessary to get the job done. Our hours of operation are 24-7.

We have an excellent team of trained professionals who are dedicated to delivering our premium products in a safe and timely manner. Our Sales Professionals bring years of experience in this line of business, supported by Mobil’s Lubricant Engineers. Our elite engineering team promises to support your business.

Oil Analysis

This “blood test for your engine” helps keep small repairs small. Oil analysis identifies component wear trends outside normal operating ranges. This allows you to locate the source of potential problems and promptly make necessary repairs. Oil Analysis also helps with resale value, determining proper oil change intervals and improves component longevity. Rhinehart Oil can introduce you to our Oil Analysis options. We can also help you manage the analysis information to best support your equipment.