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Rhinehart Oil’s expansive lineup features only the industry’s best lubricants. We serve the Automotive, Commercial (On and Off Highway) and Industrial markets with superior products, delivering best-in-class protection and results.


All industry vehicles, equipment and shops require specialized ancillary products to maximize performance. Whether your chemical needs are for internal use or customer-billed services, Rhinehart Oil’s lineup will fully support the Automotive, Commercial (On and Off Highway) and Industrial markets.


Optimum equipment performance is driven by quality petroleum products. Rhinehart Oil’s broad range of diesel, gasoline, kerosene and other fuel types deliver the solutions demanded by you and your equipment.

A total solution provider

We offer premium engine oils, greases, and top-quality biodegradable lubricants.

The lubricant world is a broad, dynamic universe. The solutions to all your petroleum needs – simple and complex – can be found at Rhinehart Oil.

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